Sunday, August 8, 2010

Why do I even Care????

So, all night I tossed and turned because I was distraught and hurt by the comment of a nobody really. Stan... I hate you and I dont even know you.

I went with the lovely Holly (or should we call her Hank?) to her friends' home for a BBQ. I met lovely people and we were having a great time until Stan showed up. Within the first five minutes, he brought up out of no where that I was fat. Then he tried to hit on me.

Stan did not have a fun night. I dont put up with that crap. I act all tough... and then I cry myself to sleep.

I was feeling so good about myself this weekend too! I wore a bathing suit for the first time in 11 years and it didnt look bad at all. I had so much fun camping with Holly, Dennis, and fam. Everything was great!

Until I met Stan. I want to kick him. I dont know why and it makes me feel horrible.


Jennifer said...

Can I kick him in the nuts for you?? Jerk!

as a side - I just caught up on your recent posts (been a bit busy :P) and LOVE reading your posts again :)

Brooke said...

oh, Jenny! I loves you. I read yours too and love watching your family in a stalker sort of way!

And yes you are welcome to kick him in the nuts...make it hard so he has no chance of ever spreading his seed!

Random Extracts said...

Oh Darlin'! I'm so sorry! He's a tool and nobody, NOBODY (not even his friends) takes him seriously or respects his opinions. I bet you're more angry that you even care what he said. I doubt he could get anyone to LET him try to spread his seed, and I also doubt that he'd be able to keep it up long enough to make an attempt. But kicking him wouldn't hurt.

Come back and visit again soon!

MindRiot1971 said...

There is always some asshole in this world that takes delight in spreading their misery upon others and as always I want to take a hammer to those people...

CJ said...

A couple weeks ago a guy came up to me at the gym while I was on the Precor machine and started the conversation by asking me if I am trying to lose weight! Since I was in the gym on a cardio machine at the time I thought it should have been completely obviously that the answer was "Yes!" I could have been insulted, but instead Jennifer and I decided that he's just a bit inept at socialization, so I laughed it off.

Moral: you don't have to let someone else's poor social skills ruin your good time. He's the one with the problem, not you. Don't take ahold of the 10 pound bag of poop just because he's handing it to you, as my boss would say.

Allanna said...

Jenny will kick down there and I'll kick him in the head.

No ... the one between his SHOULDERS, silly.

I can TRY to give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he's of the impression (albeit TOTALLY BONKERS) that INSULTING a woman is really COMPLIMENTING her.

Maybe I can just chuck etiquette guides and relationship self-help books at him like that thing-on-the-cloud chucks hammers (or whatever) at Mario??? SOOOOOO tempting!

Brooke said...

CJ...thanks for that perspective and you are right.

Allanna...wrong head

Thanks for reading you all... I feel specials!