Friday, August 6, 2010

Ode to YOU

Talked to my Dad this morning. That was nice. He is supposed to be in Afganistan, but is still stateside because of flight issues. I want to volunteer to go over with him. It's strange to me really. I dont agree at all with the war, but I have issues with those I care about going without me. I want to be there to support and love them. They need my super ninja skills.

Lately, I have been feeling horrible about my unit deploying without me. I can't really help that I was in a car accident that messed my body up, but it still makes me feel guilty and like I abandoned those who need me.

And I have been so lonely For NO reason really. Just lonely. I have made some incredible friends though.

And I have to say... my friends REALLY underestimate themselves. I have the BEST taste ever in friends, so if I choose to "waste" time on you, you better know that you are god damn worth it! Not that I am irritated at self esteem issues. I have a load of self esteem issues...

But just a note for a few of you whom I love.... in no apparent order... and sorry if I forget yah on here....

Cassie - you are awesome and a totally desireable woman. You are smart and more capable than anyone I know. I miss you!

Holly - You Rock! You are one of the most supportive people I know and you deserve the same kind of support back. I am pretty sure you could beat just about anyones ass too! You are a great friend and awesome mom and an example to all that a person can be smart and rad. Shout out to the nerdies out there!

Matt - Everyone has issues that make them different. The issues you have cause more difficulty but they are not afflictions, they are just part of who you are. You hold more love in your heart for your friends than anyone I know.

Michelle - You are beautiful and so graceful. I wish I had your natural poise. You are smart and artistically amazing. And... above all, you are loved by everyone around you.

Eric - You can make anything out of bedframes. That is amazing! You are amazing! You have talent and a great sense of humor. Oh, and I like your accent. Oh, how I love accents!

Elizabeth - you are beautiful. You were beautiful to me even before you lost all that weight. You are the bleeping naughty potter. Artistically talented... full of energy and love. No one could ever match you!

Richard - Being overweight does not make you disgusting or undesirable. You are a giving, fun person. I wish that you had grown up with someone telling you how great you are rather than putting you down all the time.

Dennis - Holly's bro and my new friend. You are very understanding and true. Just because you havent succeeded traditionally in every area of your life doesnt mean that you havent found success or that you arent worthwhile. Because you are.

Allanna - you are so funny, beautiful, and well, colorful. You are my rainbow and I appreciate that you have stood by me all these years. You are a friend who is always available...



MindRiot1971 said...

I am no different than anybody else in all reality.As for all that love like I say often I just do what was not done for me.The things I have gone through just give me a deeper perspective and if I can survive the things i have mostly on my own then for damn sure others can make it with a little help from me...thanks for the kind words

Brooke said...

I dont think you can compare your experiences with the experiences of others

MindRiot1971 said...

Everything is just a variation of a theme....

Allanna said...

Awwwww!!!! I love you, too, Brooke!
I'm always so, so glad to have you as one of my friends.

You are wise and can consistently make me laugh.

I'm so blessed to have you in my life. And I want you to know that, my wonderful, funny, lovely friend.

Random Extracts said...

You make me grin because you are so great and kind. YAY! I'm glad to have you as one of my few rad friends. Stick around girly! You ROCK!

Also, it made me smile to know so many of those you give props to. Yippee! We rock!