Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blueberries and Ard Tards

So, I couldnt figure out why my bowel movements today were so weird.... yes, I am talking about my bodily waste on the internet. I wont give details, but it was weird. Then, I thought about it and figured out that the strangeness of my poops would be attributed to eating three pounds of blueberries yesterday. Just a bit of advice...hold back a little on the berries... they taste great but have interesting side effects!

On the note of Ard Tards, I work with a total Ard Tard.. I originally dubbed him "Dildo", but since, I have decided that there is no way in hell he could ever give any woman anywhere pleasure. Since, he has been dubbed "Ard Tard".

Today at work, a lady who comes in often with her daughters had the pleasure of meeting Ard Tard full force. Her younger daughter is Chinese. Ard Tard asked her where her daughter was from because she isnt American... So when does being white make you an American? I was offended... I think it was rude to ask where she was from at all unless you knew the woman and were friends. Maybe I am too sensitive..what do you think? So I told my boss about it cause he caught me laughing histerically about Ard Tard's ways. He could only say that thank god he didnt ask if she was a mail man baby. I started crying that was so funny. If Ard had said that, I would have apologized and told her that he was mentally handicapped and that the government pays us to employ him. It isnt that far off the truth.


Allanna said...

Oh my.

I have missed your blog posts. SOOOO MUCH.

You sure make my days more colorful. ^_^

Brooke said...

For you Allanna, I will write... lately I am angsty and it will be good for me anyway....

you are already colorful...you dont need me to make it even more colorful. I think together we might be rainbow tiedye