Monday, August 9, 2010

It's a Great Day to be a Vagrant in Corvallis!

So, at the bakery today, there may have been a bit of waste. Ok, so more like a shit ton! At 6 pm, the bums in town congregate around the dumpster to see what kind of goodies they could get. Today they looked so happy that it brought tears to my eyes....

I think I may have lost someone very important to me today. I hope I didnt. Honesty is the best policy right?

Oh, and on a happy note... someone told me I have pretty hair today. He actually stated that I have nice eyes, nose, and hair...but I am excited about the hair. My hair is important to me. Silly really, but I identify as Brooke with the crazy red hair. That's me. I didnt think anyone else noticed.

Well, after work tonight, maybe I will have more to say. Probably not. I work late and then go to work at 5 am.... ugghhhh


Allanna said...

I think it's wonderful that you watch out for the homeless in town. That's one of the reasons I love you.

And that one guy is totally right -- you're my boo-tifuuh Brooke. And you DO have awesome hair.
(That's why, when I first got my hair cut shorter, back about seven years ago, I was SO TICKLED that people thought that I was YOU from the back. ^_^)

Heart you, girlie!!

Random Extracts said...

You do have great hair. That's really the only reason I talk to you.

HAHAHA- Just kidding, about the second thing. The first statement is totally true.

Brooke said...

lol.. my hair is so crazy but I feel all special now! are way to sexy to be me. Donkey punch those fools!

Miss Holly... I only hang out with you because of your sexy forearms....and what I imagine they can do for me.

odiofabrifibra said...

Now it's your turn to pay it forward.

Do something nice for 3 people, and then tell them to do something nice for three people. Or just watch the movie Pay it Forward. lol just kidding..