Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Grinch

Why do I hate Christmas??????

I have figured it out. It has to do with those assholes singing in my face, smelling of Idaho Gold, asking for money. I cant even decipher what you are saying dude...and you think I should pay you for that serenade?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Whorish Vagina

Uggghhh.... Doctor visit after Doctor visit. This whole ordeal of health just seems like unending torture!

Today I had two appts. The first was my first appt. with my new physical therapist. I like her a lot. I dislike the scheduler in the office. ALOT. Other than the vaginal exam...all was great.

The second appt was for an ultrasound. After explaining the whole shebang, the technician asked it I was concerned about the internal...vaginal part of the exam. I told her that recently everyone has been have at it. She found that funny.

Well, hopefully we can fix this sciatic pain. The ovary pain...looks like it probably isnt a pelvic floor issue. My crotch muscles run strong...thanks mom for teaching me about keigels.

Virtual Bodies...

Thank you to the beautiful Miss Desiree who shared this with me. Truthfully, I had to look google H and R to even know what they were... haha... but it is pretty unsettling to know that no one has a body perfect enough for some of the retailers out there - but only because they havent seen my naked body. I hide out under layers of clothes so that I am not chased down as a runway underwear model! Oops! My secret is out.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Forgot my luggage in the Middle East

I was reading through some of the blogs that interest me. I remember a time when I was truly involved with the causes I care for. Now, I read and forget. I dont act. I lost some sort of motivation when I went to Iraq. It depresses me. The realization makes me act less. I think about being more involved and then I decide that no one really gives a crap what I think. What the hell is wrong with me? Where the hell did Brooke go?

Marie Curie's Zombie Message

Eating Well

So, my recent soup turned out well. Thank goodness. I have only attempted a random soup veggie thing once and it didnt turn out. I didnt think about the beets... Warning to all. Add Beets - EVERYTHING turns red and EVERYTHING tastes like beets. I really like beets... but this does prove that there sometimes can be too much of a good thing.

I had gotten a little carried away with my tasking for the thanksgiving relish tray... I brought 4 large I had lots of left over carrots, celery, and cucumber. So, I used my favorite appliance ever - the food processor. I threw everything in there...chopped it all up with some garlic and shallots... then threw it in the crock pot with veggie broth, my broccoli slaw that I need to use before it became toxic waste, some left over rice, red potatoes, and some maple sausage. Few Hours LAter - TADA! Dinner! And Richard and Sean really like it...although Richard thinks it tastes like squash. I am assuming he is tasting the carrots and just associates the squash because squash is one of those things that I like to add.... squash, nuts, and mushrooms...they almost always show up in my cooking. Sean likes eating this with Parmesan risotto.

Julia made us a great casserole. It is very simple... It has potatoes, cabbage, and kielbasa... oh, and cheese. I am not quite sure the exact recipe... She made mine with cornstarch rather than flour. She so nicely respects my gluten free lifestyle. My bum appreciates that!