Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Whorish Vagina

Uggghhh.... Doctor visit after Doctor visit. This whole ordeal of health just seems like unending torture!

Today I had two appts. The first was my first appt. with my new physical therapist. I like her a lot. I dislike the scheduler in the office. ALOT. Other than the vaginal exam...all was great.

The second appt was for an ultrasound. After explaining the whole shebang, the technician asked it I was concerned about the internal...vaginal part of the exam. I told her that recently everyone has been there...so have at it. She found that funny.

Well, hopefully we can fix this sciatic pain. The ovary pain...looks like it probably isnt a pelvic floor issue. My crotch muscles run strong...thanks mom for teaching me about keigels.

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