Thursday, December 1, 2011

Eating Well

So, my recent soup turned out well. Thank goodness. I have only attempted a random soup veggie thing once and it didnt turn out. I didnt think about the beets... Warning to all. Add Beets - EVERYTHING turns red and EVERYTHING tastes like beets. I really like beets... but this does prove that there sometimes can be too much of a good thing.

I had gotten a little carried away with my tasking for the thanksgiving relish tray... I brought 4 large I had lots of left over carrots, celery, and cucumber. So, I used my favorite appliance ever - the food processor. I threw everything in there...chopped it all up with some garlic and shallots... then threw it in the crock pot with veggie broth, my broccoli slaw that I need to use before it became toxic waste, some left over rice, red potatoes, and some maple sausage. Few Hours LAter - TADA! Dinner! And Richard and Sean really like it...although Richard thinks it tastes like squash. I am assuming he is tasting the carrots and just associates the squash because squash is one of those things that I like to add.... squash, nuts, and mushrooms...they almost always show up in my cooking. Sean likes eating this with Parmesan risotto.

Julia made us a great casserole. It is very simple... It has potatoes, cabbage, and kielbasa... oh, and cheese. I am not quite sure the exact recipe... She made mine with cornstarch rather than flour. She so nicely respects my gluten free lifestyle. My bum appreciates that!

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