Saturday, February 2, 2013

Get over it!

So, yesterday, a friend showed me some pictures we had taken right before we went out for her birthday.  They were ridiculous.  I cannot take a picture without purposefully making myself look disgusting.  Why - not because I am funny, but because I hate how I look in pictures.  If I contort myself, then I look bad because I am silly, rather than fat and ugly.

Terra posted this link on fb today.  Thanks for the eye opener...I needed it.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Immediate Gratification

I don't understand patient people...patience is not virtue, it is definitely a waste of time.  I want instant gratification!

Things in my life that require patience, but PISS ME OFF:

Shoe shopping:  No one carries my size...Sasquatch size....What pisses me off is that they claim to carry them...  Can I try a size eleven?  No problem, we can order those for you and ship them straight to your house even!  - OK, if I wanted to buy online, I would have stayed home and done so... I wouldn't have had to put on pants.  AND I want to try them on...because my fat ass feet need to try things on.  I understand they can be returned... I am lazy and WON'T return them.  I understand shipping is free... NONONNNONNNO...  I have trouble with other clothing too, but don't want to discuss how my butt won't fit into jeans.

On the talk of my obese behind, why can't I lose weight TODAY.  Ok, I understand it takes work, but if i work out for like a week and restrict my calories like that whole time, I should be GODDAMN DROPDEAD Gorgeous.  I mean, how long do people have to deal with my cranky ass before I get to eat again?

Automated phone systems...if I have to wait thirty minutes EVERYTIME I call your company, hire more employees.  I don't even feel snarky about this...that is just poor customer service and basically saying you don't want more business.  Well, maybe you just don't want mine...I can understand that.