Wednesday, August 4, 2010


So, Ard Tard continued on in his bigoted tirade against Corvallis humanity yesterday. After I left work, a mentally challenged man and his caretaker came into the center. The challenged man was a bit loud and obnoxious but according to my other coworker (not Ard Tard), it was very obvious that he had a stunted learning capacity. Ard Tard then exclaimed in front of his caretaker (who seemed to be a close family member) about the loud, obnoxious guy that wont shut up. She said, "Seriously? He is special!?!" She then left. I doubt she will be back.

Seriously, Ard Tard is complaining about obnoxious exclamations? I dont knwo how he survives living with himself if that was an issue for him. The man has some sort of strange Tourettes! Not the interesting kind either. Hearing exclamations of the F-word is really funny to me, but he doesnt have that Torrettes charm. Instead of profanities, he blurts out bigotry... and that to me is REALLY, REALLY unfunny.


Allanna said...

Wow ... Do you think that you (and your employer) will get lucky and this co-worker will get fired? Quit? Have his foot run over by an errant cyclist??

Brooke said...

I am hoping he will get fired... I feel bad because he has a family, but there are plenty of people out there with families that choose to act appropriately at work.

odiofabrifibra said...

Sounds like Ard tard has some problems of his own...including humanity lol