Saturday, November 22, 2008

You Fight Like A Girl!

Hey, you fight like a girl! Of course, this phrase is usually meant as an insult. Whether it is spoken guy to guy, boy to girl, or woman to man, it is not meant as a compliment. No, it is hurled in response to a weak punch, a scratch, or even a cheap shot.

I think we should fight like girls. So, why would I be encouraging anyone to fight like a girl? First, what is meant for an insult (valid or not)to men or boys shouldnt necessarily be heard as one by women. Of course, girls are going to fight like girls, but for some reason, most of us would rather be told that we fight like men.

Before I continue, I dont want you to think that I am a girly girl advocating whipping people with pink frilly ribbons. I am not. I just think we need to ask why it is an insult to fight like a girl. What would fighting like a girl look like if it were done right?

Just my thought of the day....

1 comment:

Allanna said...

The thought of you as a girly-girl with pink, frilly ribbons??

*wheezing with laughter*

My mind can barely compute the mental image.

And I throw like a girly-girl ... because I had very few male friends. And when I did hang out with boys, we were more likely to run lines for a play or play video games than tossing around the "ol' pigskin" (Isn't that what they call it??) or things like that.