Monday, November 3, 2008

We live in such a wonderful world...

I have had a very trying time in my life lately and I realized that I had lost the optimism I am known for. What am I without my SH*T eating grin? Don't worry everyone, I am getting help and I think I will be back...SOON!

This weekend I had my drill weekend with the National Guard. On Saturday, I helped with the annual turkey drive for the state food bank. We didnt make as much as last year, but with the current economy, I wasn't surprised. While we didnt make as much, though, I thought the individuals donating were actually more charitable than last year. Let me explain:

Last year people opened their wallets and gave you a ten or twenty, but their wallets had a lot more cash left in it. This year people gave considerably less, but it was often everything they had in their wallets. Isnt that wonderful. They are hurting too, but they are still giving all they can.

And it is needed...badly. The economy has caused a huge need from the food bank for our communities familys and decreased the number of donations.... If you are able, plz help your local food programs. If you can't donate money...donate time.

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Allanna said...

A good call to arms.

I'm glad that you posted this.