Monday, November 17, 2008

Mormons: People are conservative, yet the dogma is fiscally liberal?

Ok, so first of all...sorry...I was very neglectful last week, but I had nothing to say...

I know that Mormons are not all republican or conservative..but the majority is. Enough that I dont feel bad lumping all Mormons as ultra-conservs...

I can understand why they might be socially conservative (even though I am far from), but fiscally? It doesnt even make sense.

The United Order was kind of a mock Zion and it was a socialistic community that the Mormons claim they had to end because they werent advanced enough for it. The Mormons have an incredible church welfare system and theoretically believe that we chould help everyone and that money is not important...

My question is this then...why do they always complain about paying taxes and social programs? They pay tithing to support the church...shouldnt they support the government and therefore their neighbors?

Just a question


Allanna said...

They do support their neighbors ... when disaster strikes, the Church is usually first on the scene.

And I think it'd be fair to ask that if we help out the government that the government help us out. ... and we saw with how Mitt Romney was treated that the nation just isn't quite ready for it.

Hey, at least it's better than when Gov. Boggs was in charge of Missouri ... but it still could be better.

Brooke said...

I actually really dislike Mitt Romney...blah

His politics are awful. Do you support his politics (including wavering political stances/history)or do you support him because he is Mormon?

And they are on the scene pretty quick (but after the national guard...gotta plug my boys), but what about everyday disasters?