Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Born Leader

Hemingway was born to write, Tiger Woods to hit a golf ball, and Barack Obama to be a leader. This I truely believe.

I wasnt going to write about anything election related, but I couldnt help myself! This is so exciting! We have not had a real leader in the white house in a long time and now he is here. GO OBAMA!!!

On a more negative note, McCain irked me in his concession speech. All was fine until he applauded Palin for her graceful way of handling the rough and tumble of the presidential campaign. Are you kidding me? Would anyone say anything about this if she were male? Of course not, because if you are running for VP you should know that you are going to be torn apart by the media. You should know that it wont be a cake walk. It made me feel as if it was implied that running for office is more difficult for the female sensibility. Phewie!!!

But back to the positive...GO OBAMA! I look forward to seeing what you can do to bring our great nation back to what it could be.


Jennifer Davis said...

I so agree with you! (but you know that already). I hope that he can get things back on track, and bring the country together. I think he will be a true leader - he'd better not mess is up!

Allanna said...

I do honestly hope that he will bring this nation together ... the voter turnout was AMAZING.

I only wish that people would be so involved in voting 24/7.

He seems a good sort.

I'm not sad that he won. Even though, as Michael noted, this is the first time that I haven't voted for the presidential candidate that won. I'm more upset that Smith and Rick Dancer didn't win in Oregon. (Rick Dancer would have been great.)(And Merkley and Smith were SO neck-and-neck. It was only by about 5,000 votes.)

Allanna said...

Oh, I've looked again after they've FINALLY tallied all the votes. It's like a 40,000 vote (2%) difference between the senatorial candidates.

If you look at the map, though, it's SO red. Crazy metro areas. :P