Friday, November 7, 2008

Fun pics of me and the pets!

So, I decided to post a couple pics of all know that I am not really a pic person, but happy birthday....

Here is a pic of me smiling (I have had requests for a smile). I have no makeup on and am exhausted, but I am be happy! I didnt even digitally alter it!

Here is the opposite...TONS O' Makeup...This is me on halloween. I think I need to grow my own is totally me! I totally disregarded the poll in which you all thought I should go as a cop because, well, the wig called to me and I was weak...I had to have it!

You know those crazy pet people? I happen to be one of those. I absolutely adore my pets. They are my family. They have been giving me lots of loves lately, so I wanted to give them huggies back.

Okay, so Edd is kind of a high strung dog, but come on people he is a miniature pinscher. And he is such a love bug once he gets over wanting to eat you!

He and Sasquatch have become quite the pair. Edd is teaching her awful habits (they are partners in crime in garbage looting, although they act like it was the other one that was responsible).

She is upside down, I know...I was too lazy to fix that....

I thought I should include a pic of Miss Henri (Henrietta) too, but she is hiding..I will put one up of her later. She is such a petite young gal!

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