Friday, October 3, 2008

Puke and Spagettios and dieting

Who would have thunk that spagettios taste the same coming up as they did going down?

I havent been feeling well lately and I just threw up and guess what I had guessed correctly spagettios...

So on to another subject: DIETING. I just realized how strange that subject must seem in a puke blog, but dont worry, my two thoughts were unrelated. I do not promote bulemia. I have known quite a few people with the disease, and I have seen its distructive ways.

Ok, off the soapbox and onto something less dull. I realized that I am fat people! Ok, I know you probably all noticed that I am overwieght before this moment, but I am behind the learning curve. And I love being lazy and eating like a pig....

So, my mirror, my jeans, and the scale are all pressuring me to be responsible in the one area that I usually avoid responsibility: my health.

No more excuses...yes I am accident prone, but I am healing from all my past craziness and I need to lose those extra pounds I gained.

But gaining weight is SO much more fun than losing it.

Ok, focus, focus, focus. See how I fight it? I dont even like to discuss a weight loss plan, let alone follow through with one.


After note: after posting this blog, I noticed that puking and spagettios were capped, but dieting was lower case...I just thought it was interesting

1 comment:

Allanna said...

Eat more fiber. And go on a walk. And drink lots of water.

there's my advice. ^_^

love ya!