Thursday, October 2, 2008

My obsession with criminals

Many of you probably dont know this, but I am obsessed with criminals. And I dont just prefer any criminal, I prefer the horrible murderers and rapists. When I was in Iraq, I spent way to much time reading about serial killers (hey it was real crime novels or romance novels...people should donate better reading to soldiers).

Now, don't get confused...I am not romantically intrigued by rapists/murderers. I promise I only write drug addicts in prison and I only date people who kill in self defense. I do have standards you know.

I just wonder what motivates them to do such horrible things? How does a person become so sick? Is it an impulse that they just can't control?

I mean I try to get myself to avoid checking out what my bowel movements look like, but darn it, I am intrigued...everyday, a different shape and a different shade. Does my compulsive bowel watching addiction make me liable to falling to the dark ways of Charles Manson? Do I need to learn to control my impulses? I had better just go turn myself in right now!!!

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Allanna said...

If you're really interested in criminal profiling (especially for sexual predators), I would highly recommend Roy Hazelwood's The Evil Men Do. It's kind of intense, but Hazelwood is one of the best profilers out there.

It's listed as $7 on Or next time you come visit me, I'll see if I can find it in the shop. Or you could check it out from the library. If you haven't read it already, that is. ^_^

(And I bristled just a little at your diatribe of romance novels. They're not ALL terrible. I'll email you a great link of a site that loves (and loves to mock) romance novels ... the site name isn't quite family friendly. But they've got GREAT snark. ^_^