Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Montage-A-Google: Inspired by my friends

So I found this montage a google thing online today. I am totally behind on the online stuff, so probably most of you (and definately Allanna) already know about it.

Go to it!

I basically wasted my whole day making one for all of my friends. In order to save space and all of your sanitys,I am only including the ones I found most interesting. If I didnt include yours, it meant that either you were boring, uninspiring, or I merely forgot your existence (Amy...just kidding).

We will start with me (Because I always find myself interesting):

Dang, I am sexy.....I did Paranoid in Reverse for fun too:

I thought it turned out super cool and I think I will add it as a permanent image somewhere on my blog.

My favorite friend one was Allanna's because her actual pic showed up in it:

I also really like Renae's because alot of red and floral stuff is prominent. It reminded me of her:

Bekah's evoked a lot of emotion for me; very fitting:

And I thought Jenny's was just beautiful (I will never forget my Oregon Babes!):


Allanna said...

That's quite spifferific!

I had heard of Robinson's "Guess the Google" game (and I quite like it, truth be told) ... but I hadn't heard of this! Thanks!!

Jennifer Davis said...

way cool! I haven't seen this before. I am going to have to try it out.