Friday, September 19, 2008

Today's Mission

So today my goal is to clean out my voicemail box. My father kindly reminded me yesterday that it has been full for about 9 months. He also let me know that I have been denying him the priviledge of leaving silly voicemails for that entire 9 months. He was watching Star Wars the other day and wasn't able to leave a message saying, "Broooookkeeee, this is yo fatha!" How could I deny a man the opportunity to leave a cheesy message like that?

So you ask, why have I neglected to clean out my messages for so long? It is because I have a few friends (who will remain nameless here; I have complained to them enough that they know who they are) who find it necessary to leave 8 meaningless messages a day on my phone. My phone tells me that I have missed your call,so I know that you have called 8 times. PLEASE only leave one message a day (at most!). If you are just calling to say hello, you dont even need that one message. Sometimes I think I attract stalkers as friends.

1 comment:

Allanna said...

Maybe I should start calling you 8x/day. It'd be kinda fun.

But then I'd have to think of eight different things to tell you ... and I know that you read my blog ... so I'd have to come up with eight NEW things to tell you, so I won't be boring you ...

Oh, it's too much pressure.
At least you know that I called.

And if it's REALLY important, I'll call back or email you. ^_^