Friday, September 26, 2008

I guess I am going to be a cop for Halloween.....

So, Renae got her way...unless a bunch of people discover my blog in the next two hours, the vote is in...I am going to be a cop for halloween.

Renae only wants me to be one because I look like a dyke in the aviator sunglasses. Amanda says that I always look likea dyke, so I should steer away from it and be something classy. She suggested that I be a pornstar. Perfect.

I don't have an issue with homosexuals, but why can't I look like a hot lesbian rather than a dyke?

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Allanna said...


I'm sorry, Brookie-kuns, but you seriously made me almost wet myself.

And won't it be fun to act like you're pulling people over? You can carry that Mag Lite and shine it in everyone's faces ... that could be entertaining, no? ^_^