Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Presidential Election

NEVER beforehave I been so intrigued by the national election...
I am not alone in this; young voters everywhere are totally into this election.

I hope everyone out there is registered to vote and truely interested in knowing their candidates. Partison voting is ridiculous; we all have our party affiliations, but our president should not be determined soley by the party that sponsers him.

Instead your vote should be determined by some stupid online quiz thingy. The internet helps us with every facet of life, so why not give it our vote too?

Try out these ones:

BTW, according to the internet...Obama is my man...

I am so glad because Palin is a crazy lady. I am all for a woman in the white house.don't get me wrong...but a crazy nut case with no experience? No ty...go back to Alaska and burn your books...

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