Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Not Just Big Boned

So, I have been on a diet for about a month now.  I started right before news years.  It is a new years resolution thing, but I started early so I would gorge myself and give myself ten extra pounds to lose.

I have lost a little over 7 pounds.  I feel good.  Dont worry, I am not going to disgust you with what I ate....maybe with descriptions of my shits, but this is not about that.  For the first time in my life, I can see myself actually losing weight.  It isnt just an effort made while really believing, or knowing that the first time I see cheesecake, I am going to eat it.... and not just a slice...I am going to eat the whole damn thing. 

So, if anyone else is dieting, hit me up.. I am on MyFitnessPal.com....I use the mobile app.

I think the positive outlook has come from finally being realistic with myself.  I cannot just tell myself I am big boned.  I am fat.  I may not be grossly O-Beast....I may be healthy, but I am getting older and the fat will catch up to me.  This conversation with myself was not negative..I believe in myself and I know I am a beautiful human being. 

The conversation was realistic.

There are certain things I want in life.  In order to achieve some of those, I need to present myself in the best ways possible.  I need to be fit and healthy.  While I am healthy and strong now... I need to not look like a jelly donut...although I do love jelly donuts!

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