Monday, November 28, 2011

My Mom Will Live Forever.... I Hope!

I have been sitting on my heating pad perusing the internet. This seems to be my only pastime lately. Damn the holidays that make getting into doctor appts impossible! I even stooped pretty low to try to get in earlier. I cried.... I yelled. No compassion I tell you.

Continuing on, I was reading about twins and the article states that mothers of twins live longer because they are naturally physically stronger. My mother had two sets of twins.... I think she may be wonder woman. My sister Tristan has twins too.... she can be moms sidekick. Oh, crap. I forgot myself in this superhero saga. I can be like Edna in the Incredibles. Design stuff... be really irritating and obnoxious. I fit that persona well.

If you are interested in a little Twin Trivia

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